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Friday, October 23, 2015

For me, going into the autumn is all about the TV shows coming back, and getting to snuggle up in the evenings with a blanket and a hot drink or a hearty dinner.

Here are the shows I’m watching at the moment:

Strictly Come Dancing
Blooms and Ambers - Top 3 Currently Airing Shows - Read about my favourite shows that are currently airing on UK tv. There a bit of variation, so it'll be great to see what your favourite is. Let me know on the blog.
Image from The Independent
The glitz, the glamour, all the great dancing, the build-up for Christmas. Strictly has all thoughts things for me, and I love watching the chemistry between the dancers and the celebrities and seeing how much they improve over the weeks.
This is on the BBC on a Saturday Night

The Leftovers

Image from Sky
This show is such a mystery! It’s really exciting and confusing, but really good! It’s just started the second season, and you’ll definitely need to catch up with the first season if you haven’t watched it, but I highly recommend it if you like sci-fi and mystery and drama.
This is on Sky on Monday evenings

Star Wars Rebels
Image from Star Wars
I am so flipping excited for the new Star Wars film to come out, I pre-booked tickets as soon as they were available and I’m going to a midnight showing with some friends. This is another animated show that revolves around unsurprisingly the rebels! It’s set before the start of the original trilogy, but revolves around some pretty cool characters!
This is on Disney XD on Saturday mornings

This isn’t everything I’m watching at the moment, but these are my recommendations with a little variation of the type of show so you can find something you like. I’d love to see your recommendations.

Let me know what you think in the comments,
Beci x

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