8 Things That Make Me Smile

Thursday, October 01, 2015

So tomorrow, the 2nd of October, is World Smile Day, a day which for me means celebrating things that make us smile each and every day! World Smile Day is celebrated on the first Friday of October every year to encourage people to do an act of kindness and help one person smile! 

So I'm going to share with you the things that help me smile, and I encourage you to try some of them out to cheer you up when the weather isn’t great and you’ve got no money in your bank account and you haven’t seen your friends in days.

1. Cuddling a Dog!

Blooms and Amber - Boxer Dog

I have 5 dogs, 4 boxers and a border collie who are all adorable and all so full of love their hearts might pop! You’ll often find my youngest pup sitting at the foot of my bed with me as I browse job listings. I always know that I’ve had a bad day, one of them will be there to greet me at the door with a big grin on their face and their tail wagging at 100 miles an hour.

2. Videogame Let's Plays!

I watch a couple of let players namely “Game Grumps” and “Mortem3r at KittyKatGaming” and I always know that the jokes they make or the games they're playing will be able to put a grin on my face! I’m not always the most skilled at complicated games, and being able to watch other people play games, whilst they make jokes, is an easy way for me to take part in these games without having to frustrate myself through trying to play them

3. Big Bowls of Pasta!

My housemates had a nickname for my lazy dinner called “Pasta alla Beci” which is a ginormous bowl of pasta with butter, cheese and ham. This is the most unhealthy dish, but if you’ve had a terrible day and all you want to do is cry, then this so so satisfying. 

4. The Sun from behind Grey Clouds!

Blooms and Amber - Trees

There’s a view from my bedroom window, when the sky is grey behind two very tall conifers, and the sun come out from behind the clouds and shines onto the front of the trees. Just wow.

5. Making Plans!

Sending a message to your gal pals suggesting a fun girly weekend, or getting a message from your bae with date plans, or even from your parents asking if you’d like take out that evening, having something to look forward to is so exciting!

6. Clean Bedding!

You know when you’re sick and you spend ages feeling so sorry for yourself and so under the weather and then suddenly you feel like you’ve crossed a bridge and can feel yourself getting better. So you have a really hot shower, and you change your bedding and then you feel even more healthy. That is the magic of clean bedding. Even when you’re not sick, putting clean sheets on your bed and having a shower and plaiting your hair and snuggling in the clean fresh sheets is so cosy.

7. Fresh Nail Polish!

A fresh mani can make a day, especially if you managed to do it yourself! There’s something so satisfying about a clean un-chipped coat of a beautiful colour and even if you know it'll only last a few hours it's great to take a few Instagram posts.

8. Bargins!

Blooms and Amber - Boots

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that I managed to grab myself some Kurt Geiger boots for just £20. I managed to get them from the charity stop down the road from me and they are practically unworn! Finding a good bargain is amazing and makes you feel so good. 

Leave a comment to let me know what sort of things are your go to to make you smile when you're having a bad day!

Let me know what you think in the comments,
Beci x

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