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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Welcome to the new blog!

So I've started a blog about fashion, home decor, beauty and hopefully other things that will take my interest and interest you. I've wanted to start a blog for a little while but I've never gotten around to it before I had the spare time after graduating university.

I've quite recently fallen in love with fashion and, formerly as a student and now as an unemployed graduate, I wanted to be able to keep up with trends and swings in fashion. Buying glossy mags whilst nice is not really something that most students have the budget for. Fashion bloggers have always been the best way I have found for keeping up with what's going on the fashion world without having to spend a fortune, and now I want to be there to help those of you in the same situation.

I'm not a billionaire and I don't shop in designer labels. I want to keep my focus on high street brands such as H&M, New Look, Next, Zara and Primark, with an occasional splash of vintage or designer wear. I want to share accessible items that you can go out and buy or recreate with your own wardrobe rather than having to admire from a distance.

Two instagram photos of outfits from the last year.

I live with my family, so I only have one room of decorating freedom, and I don’t have the budget to splash out hugely, but I am in the process of redecorating my bedroom from the paint I had when I turned 11 to the room that I feel will suit a 21 year old. I love that more and more high street labels are improving their homewear ranges and I’m so excited to start sharing my favourite trends with you.

In regards to beauty, I have to admit I am a novice. I try to read lots and I follow a fair few beauty bloggers, but I am not going to be sharing the best tips for perfect cat eye unless someone invents something that will give me perfectly steady hands and stop time so I can practice.

I will also be posting about my life as a graduate, as a young woman, as a daughter, as a romantic, a social media lover, and all of the above. Lifestyle blogs exist everywhere, but it's important to me to include this as a category so if I am inspired by my life I have a place to post without feeling guilty.

To keep up with what I'm writing about and when posts are uploaded you can follow me in numerous places!

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Let me know what you think of the blog design and what you'd like to read about.
I can't wait to start writing and to share my ideas with you.

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