Why Everyone is Obsessed with Scandi Style (and how you can recreate it)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Scandi style is the minimalist style that you see all over the internet with white walls and floors, and wooden furniture, and has a pared-back style and is very minimalist, something that definitely suits the blogger aesthetic. Here’s why I think people love it, and how you can replicate some of the key traits in your own home. 

Natural and Cosy

Beautiful Danish Home

Wooden furniture and woollen blankets make up a lot of the décor of Scandinavian homes. Traditional craftsmanship connects their stark and potentially clinical home to the natural world and prevents that from happening. You can bring this into your own home with wooden stools or benches in your bedroom or dining room. For your bedroom you can create a similar feel with wool blankets, linen bedding and sheepskin (real or faux) rugs and this creates a signature Scandi look.

Light and Bright

Christmas Touches in a Finnish Home

There’s lots of high windows in many Nordic inspired homes, and lots of them don’t have any curtains over the windows. Whilst having no curtains is pretty weird in the UK, by hanging the curtain rail high and wide, you can emulate the same kind of atmosphere.
It’s also important to have lots of lights, something I try to bring into my own room. With different levels of lighting it is possible to have bright lighting to games night and working, and then dim light for cosy evenings and movies.

Minimalist but Colourful

Quirky Dutch Home with fab colours

Nordic homes seem to have perfected the balance between minimalist and personal with décor items that are meaningful and specific combined with functional items. Small personal touches make a room, more than lots of large statement pieces. If you just use small heirlooms and pieces that you really love, you home will be more meaningful rather than following all home décor trends.

Scandinavian style is really quite easy to replicate in your own home, so long as you plan out your rooms with this style in mind. All images from My Scandinavian Home, a gorgeous site with daily Nordic inspiration that you can check out and use to inspire you further. Comment below with your Scandinavian style tips, and tell me your favourite aesthetic in the home! 

Let me know what you think in the comments,
Beci x

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